Stairwell 4’ with Ultrasonic Sensor SS213-X1LED

4.4" Deep Stairwell Linear With Integrated Sensor

Our popular 213 series utilizes an integral ultrasonic occupancy sensor to sense motion within a space and automatically turns on lights even when
the sensor has no direct line of sight to occupants. After the area is vacated and the time delay has elapsed, the sensors automatically turn the lights off. Ultrasonic detection operates by transmitting sound waves throughout an area and measuring the speed at which they return. Movement increases the return frequency, which triggers occupancy. Saylite’s Ultrasonic smartsensors provide functions for testing, overriding the fixture “ON” and a 72 hour lamp burn-in ode. Fixture is 4200 lumens when the sensor is on and can either be off or have 50% of the lumens or 2100 lumens when no one is present. This is a great, economical choice for bi-level lighting in a confined space with the untrasonic sensor. The X1LED stairwell series utilize efficient LED T8 lamps that provide high lumen output with efficient energy savings. Since they don’t require any ballast or driver the only component that will ever need changing is the LED T8 lamp. The lamps are warranted for five years. Unlike SS213 series that utilize LED arrays and drivers these fixtures have the flexibility to change wattage, lumens, and color temperature simply by changing the lamps without the need to call a licensed electrician.