Video Series

Saylite is one of the few lighting suppliers that is still manufacturing and assembling in the United States.  These videos provide a glimpse into our manufacturing capabilities and the Power of Lighting.

New Products

Introducing 4ft Linear Pendant

Introducing Profile: A Unique LED Enclosure

Introducing RLP Series: Ideal for Recessed Wall Lighting

Introducing HBCA Series: Aisle Lighters

Saylite Linear Channels

25 Series Color Changing Lights

How we build it

Saylite has a series of videos called “How We Build It” that shows how the fixture is assembled and in some case how the components are manufactured. While we are very proud of employing over 250 people in our factories, these video series are intended to help you see the details of our product so that you can make sure they meet the quality, specifications and engineering you require for your specific project. 

Factory at Your Fingertips

Saylite Maintenance & Troubleshooting

How We Build It Series: FHBL Series

How We Build It Series: CITADEL Enclosure

How We Build It Series: 23 Series Recessed Flangeless with Mud-in Flange

How We Build It Series: 153 Series Surface Troffer X1LED (Welded Seamless Body)

How We Build It: HIL Series - Premium LED High Bay

How We Build It: 131 Series Recessed LED Troffer

How We Build It Series: SER Series Linear LED Workhorse

Installations made easy

Saylite endeavors to make using our products as easy as possible. Since LED is still relatively new technology, some installation of our products is different than electrical contractors, electricians or the DIY’ers are used to. For those items, we make a video called “Installation Made Easy” so you can see first hand how to install these fixtures. 

Saylite also has Applications Engineering and Service Tech Departments that can help you with any questions, issues or assistance you may need. E-mail us at and we will forward to the appropriate person to get back in touch with you.

Installation Made Easy: Joining Two LED Linear Pendants (LLLSF or LLLSG)

Installation Made Easy Series: LED Linear Pendant (LLSF or LLSG Series)

Installation Made Easy Series CLLLSF 4x8

Retrofit Made Easy Series

Installation All In One Retrofit

Retrofit Made Easy Series: Fluorescent to X1LED

Retrofit Made Easy Series: How To Retrofit a 2 Light Fluorescent Fixture to LED