PLY23 Series

Create a statement in your space.


Re-imagine traditional linears by transforming them into a variety of shapes using specially engineered brackets. These custom fixtures are available with direct and indirect lighting options and in a multitude of sizes. Conform to the architectural elements of your space with these off-the-shelf or customizable configurations.

Add flair to your unique hanging luminaire system by customizing the color of your brackets and/or end caps. Consult the factory for more information.


PLY 23 Custom


Configure a custom fixture in a shape or style that seamlessly coordinates with your unique architecture.

PLY 23 Fan

The Fan

PLY 23 Triangle

The Triangle

PLY 23 Square

The Square/Rectangle

PLY 23 Pentagon

The Pentagon

PLY 23 Hexagon

The Hexagon

PLY 23 Octagon

The Octagon

PLY 23 Parallel

The Parallel

PLY 23 Wall Wash

The Wall Wash

PLY 23 Cross

The Cross

Features & Benefits

  • 4 standard fixture sizes – 24" , 48", 72", and 96"
  • Customizable bracket, fixture, and end cap colors available
  • Pendant mount for multiple ceiling types.
  • Many lumen package / wattage options via programmable drivers
  • Multiple Kelvin temperature options (3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K)
  • Emergency battery backup options available
  • CRI >80 (90 available)
  • >50,000 hrs of L70 LED life
  • Rated for dry and damp locations
  • 0 - 10 Volt dimmable 120-277V (120V ELV/TRIAC avail)
  • Power factor >0.90
  • 5 year warranty

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