ENERGY STAR is the government-backed symbol for energy efficiency, providing simple, credible, and unbiased information that consumers and businesses rely on to make well-informed decisions. Thousands of industrial, commercial, utility, state, and local organizations — including more than 40 percent of the Fortune 500® —rely on their partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to deliver cost-saving energy efficiency solutions. Together, since 1992, ENERGY STAR and its partners have helped save American families and businesses $430 billion on their energy bills*—while also achieving broad emissions reductions—all through voluntary action.

ENERGY STAR lighting

Saylite designs its products to meet the below Energy Star performance criteria but often doesn’t submit then for Energy Star.  Meeting the criteria is important but having the logo on the products can often increase the pricing of the item unnecessarily. If the products may qualify for a rebate, then Energy Star may be more important. Today most utilities focus more on DLC Qualified products.

Lighting products that have earned the ENERGY STAR certification deliver exceptional features, while using less energy. Saving energy helps you save money on utility bills and protect the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the fight against climate change. Light fixtures that have earned the ENERGY STAR certification translate to quality, cutting edge design and the latest in efficient technology.

ENERGY STAR Certified Fixtures:

  • Use 90% less energy and produce about 70-90% less heat than traditional models using incandescent light bulbs.

  • Distribute light more efficiently and effectively—with custom design around the efficient light source to get the best performance.

  • Come in hundreds of decorative styles including portable fixtures—such as table, desk and floor lamps —and hard-wired options such as front porch, dining room, kitchen ceiling and under-cabinet, hallway ceiling and wall, bathroom vanity fixtures, and more.

  • Deliver convenient features such as dimming on some indoor models and automatic daylight shut-off and motion sensors on outdoor models.

  • Last 15 times longer and come with a manufacturer-back warranty of at least three years.

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