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Introducing the Light Acoustic Baffle (LAB) Series which integrates lighting and an acoustic solution into one customizable product. The sound-absorbing acoustic material helps to create a beautiful, highly-functional baffled ceiling installation. It can be combined with unlit baffles, or it can be used as a stand-alone acoustic fixture. Direct or indirect configuration and "direct and indirect" option. Multiple colors are available for a dynamic look.

Available in 2ft increments up to 8ft in length and various heights from 6" to 24". For more lighting information please see the L23 series.


The acoustic material is 100% polyester, containing at least 40% recycled plastic bottles (PET). Class B fire-rated and moisture- resistant with Class A fire rating option available.

Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of average 0.9. Fixture housing is welded 22-gauge, cold-rolled steel. Knockouts
on ends allow continuous wireway mounting.

MOUNTING-Surface mount with 3/4" EMT conduit clip or unitstrut snap-in clip, T-bar ceiling with cady clip, or pendant mount with aircraft cable kit options from 6' to 12' long.


24L: 24"L x 3"W x (6"/12"/16"/24")H
48L: 24"L x 3"W x (6"/12"/16"/24")H
72L: 24"L x 3"W x (6"/12"/16"/24")H
96L: 24"L x 3"W x (6"/12"/16"/24")H
Consult factory for other Height options.

• Narrow, sound-absorbing material
• 2ft. increments up to 8ft. length
• Various height from 6" to 24"
• Functional as stand-alone light fixture or as part of matching acoustic baffle
• Mix and match with acoustic baffle in different colors to create a dynamic look
• Multiple lumen packages / wattages and Kelvin temperature options
• Snap-in frosted acrylic lens (85% transmission) special for LEDs
• Noise reduction coefficient (NRC) option
• Easy installation
• Suitable for dry and damp locations
• >50,000 hrs of L70 LED life
• CRI >80 (90 CRI avail.)
• 0-10 Volt dimming 120-277V (120V ELV/TRIAC avail.)
• Power factor >0.90
• 5 year warranty