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LED T8 lamps are fast becoming one of the best options to enjoy the benefits of LED. Savegreen Lamps are manufactured to strict specifications providing the highest quality, consistency, performance and life. Higher efficiencies, lumens per watt, higher output options, more product options and industry leading warranty options, makes it a great choice to light your next job.


·         Popular Bypass Single Ended - The most cost-effective lamp with excellent performance, energy savings and life.

·         Standard Bypass Single Ended-  Fast becoming the mainstay of the line with matching versions in 24, 36 and 48 Inches.

·         Premium Bypass Single Ended - These lamps not only provide higher efficiency (lumens per watt) but also industry leading 10-year warranty.

·         High Output Bypass Single Ended - The 3500 lumens provide the output for high ceiling and high light output application

·         Bypass Double or Single Ended - These lamps enable easy retrofit when bypassing the ballast and this wiring is preferred in some parts of the country.

·         T5HO Bypass Single Ended - The perfect solution for high ceiling and high output applications with a smaller diameter, shorter lamp.

·         Dual Type A or Type B (Magic) - These lamps work with or without ballasts.  Ideal for any application.

Savegreen is expanding its offering!

Now introducing budget friendly, LED Back-Lit Flat Panels, Center Baskets, Strips, and High Bays. Learn more by visiting our website (click below!) to browse the new offering and download spec sheets.

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